How We Met

We meet at an Ultimate Frisbee movie night our freshman year of college. I had gone with my roommate but she had to leave early. The movie night was packed so that by the time Joe showed up the only spot left was next to me. After introductions, my first words to him were "Sorry if I smell like apple juice, but I just spilled all over myself." I knew if he was not weirded out at that point that we had a great chance.

The Proposal

We got engaged on January 19, 2009.

Jan 19th, 2009 was our 4 year anniversary. We went ice skating - we both love ice skating there especially because it was one of our first dates. After skating around for a bit, Danielle was getting cold, but Joe talked her into staying just a little longer. He knelt down on the ice and proposed. I was completely surprised and excited.

We got engaged right behind were we are standing in this picture – what was then frozen ice.

Our life together (for now)

By the time we get married we will have been together for about 5 1/2 years. Through the years we have had many adventures - including living in France for 4 months, traveling to all over the world, and trying to find a nice apartment that allows dogs. We love the fact that we can play together and have a blast doing whatever. We currently live in Minnetonka, MN with our little black Pomeranian, Neeko. We are trilled to become husband and wife and start the rest of our lives together. Our plans in the future, after the wedding include, getting more permanent jobs in our fields and buying a house.

Here is a picture of our dog - Neeko!